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Getting a Face Lift?

miami faceliftIf you’re thinking about getting a facelift procedure, Miami is home to one of the top surgical facilities in the South Florida. The Miami Beach Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center has over twenty years of experience providing all types of plastic surgery, from facelifts, breast enhancements and liposuction, all under the direction of a Board Certified Miami facelift plastic surgeon, Dr. Baruch Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs has committed himself to performing the highest quality facelifts for patients ranging from Hollywood A-listers to people just looking for a new lease on life.

Miami Facelift Surgeon

Changes in both the surface and underlying appearance of the face are due to a number of conditions, including overexposure to the sun, dehydration, environmental damage and stress. Patients interested in facial rejuvenation procedures may have loss of muscle tone because of aging, which can cause sagging skin in the lower portion of your face. Once this happens, you could notice excessive jowls, laugh lines or loose skin under the neck. Even with a multitude of physicians in Miami, face lift procedures are not created equal. That’s why the staff of certified and licensed professionals at the Miami Beach Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center work hard to deliver impeccable results.

The procedure itself, technically called a rhytidectomy, involves making a small incision around the ears and chin. Depending on the desired results, fat can be added or removed, and the muscles of the face and neck are tightened to create a smoother, revitalized look. People are drawn to the idea of a facelift not as a way of completely changing their look, but to smooth out small imperfections. Excess skin around the area is removed for a natural, younger looking appearance. For most residents of Miami, face lift procedures are not seen as a way to halt the aging process, but as a way of creating a more rested, even youthful look by toning sagging muscles and rejuvenating their overall appearance.

Dr. Jacobs and his staff go to great lengths to prescreen their patients to ensure that physically, there are no preexisting conditions that might cause complications, and to make sure their expectations are realistic and they are entering the process with an optimistic attitude. The Miami Beach Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center has given South Florida residents a safe environment to have their concerns addressed and enjoy quality, life changing results.

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