Thinking about Botox in Miami?

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What is Botox?

Botox is a trade name for a neurotoxic protein commonly used to treat and smooth facial wrinkles. Other brand names that achieve the same results are Dysport and, Xeomin.

Botox in MiamiWhat is Botox Used For?

While Botox in Miami is most commonly used for cosmetic purposes such as reducing or eliminating brow and forehead furrows and facial wrinkles and creases, it is also used for a wide range of non-cosmetic purposes as well. Many people do not realize that Botox is also FDA approved to treat excessive sweating and migraine headaches.

How is Botox Administered?

Botox injections are a relatively simple procedure. They do not require anesthesia only takes minutes to perform. Doctors administer Botox into patients’ facial muscle using a fine needle. The procedure relaxes the facial muscles, causing wrinkles to smooth out and disappear. While it may take two to four days to see an improvement, results generally last for four to six months. Patients are asked to avoid aspirin for about two weeks before their procedure.

Who Could Benefit from Cosmetic Botox?

For younger patients, Botox may give better results than a facelift. Wrinkles generally appear around the eyes and temple first, and Botox is able to smooth them out quickly and easily. As people age, they may want to consider a combination of Botox and fillers or minimal lifting procedures to combat the shift that occurs as the cheeks lose fat and laugh lines appear.

What are People Saying About Botox?

People love the youthful look Botox gives them. Smoothing out a few wrinkles can really help women and men feel good about themselves and their appearance. Many people who have had Botox love the procedure so much they return regularly to keep their faces looking young and beautiful as long as possible.

Where Can I Get Botox in Miami?

If looking young and beautiful is something that interests you, visit the Miami Beach Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center. Our experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons are dedicated to excellent patient care and will make you feel comfortable as we help you achieve your beauty goals.

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